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Conan Exiles Admin Commands


Here's a helpful cheat sheet of common in-game admin commands. 

Command Parameter(s) Explanation
MakeMeAdmin AdminPassword Grants you admin privileges
MakeMeNormal None Removes your admin privileges
God None Toggles god mode
Invisibility None Makes your character model invisible
Cloak None Toggles enemy detection – NPC’s will ignore you even if you attack them
Fly None Allows you to fly
Ghost None

Enables no collision mode (ie NoClip) – Similar to fly but you are able to pass through solid objects (including the world)

Walk None Return to walking mode from Fly or Ghost mode
NoSprintCost None

Toggles unlimited sprint mode – No stamina drain while sprinting (Note: This is not unlimited stamina)

SpawnItem ItemID Quantity Spawns the specified item in the specified quantity.
Teleport None Teleport to the surface you’re currently looking at
TeleportPlayer X Y Z

Teleport yourself to the specified co-ordinates (You can ask a player to get their co-ordinates by having them use the key shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L)


Steam or Character name

Teleport a player to your location
ViewPlayer Player Name Spectate a player of your choosing
ViewSelf None Exit spectate mode
PrintPlayerInfo Player Name Or ID Reveals a specific players Steam name & in-game character name
ToggleDebugHUD None Toggles the debug HUD which shows your coordinates, ping and server FPS.


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