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Installing ULX Admin System


ULX is the most established lua-based administration mod released for Garry's Mod. This article will guide you in installing ULX admin for your Garry's Mod server.


  1. First, download a copy of the add-on here:
  2. Make sure to download ULib 2.63 (.zip) and ULX 3.73 (.zip) (Requires ULib v2.63+) (Or the latest release if there is another).
  3. Extract the zip files, making sure to extract both .zip files to a folder.
  4. Connect to your game server via FTP. You can find out how to do this through this guide.
  5. Once connected via FTP, go to /garrysmod/addons/
  6. Drag and drop both ulx and ulib folders into the addons folder.

Using ULX

  1. Login to your Garry's Mod GamePanel.
  2. Open the Web Console.
  3. To give yourself superadmin, use any of the following command below to promote yourself as superadmin.
    ulx adduser <yournamehere> superadmin
    ulx adduserid <your steamid> superadmin

For more details about this addon, you can visit the developer's website here at

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