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Cancelling your service


In order to request a cancellation for your service, you file a request via your Client Area. Requests are not accepted via email or phone.
Cancellations must be provided with 7 days notice, as per our Terms of Service.

  1. Navigate to and login using the credentials you set during your purchase. This is not your GamePanel login.
  2. Select "My Services" from the tab menu.
  3. Find the service you would like to cancel, and use the drop down menu to select 'Request Cancellation'.
  4. Complete the form and select Submit. You will receive a confirmation email as verification.
    If you paid PayPal, please cancel your subscription within your PayPal account. This will not be done for you, and if you fail to do so, PayPal may continue to bill you. 
    If you paid via credit card, your information will be deleted and you do not need to manually cancel your subscription. 

End of Billing Period - your service will cancel after the period you have paid for. For example, if you have paid up until the 15th of February, your service will cancel on the 16th.
Immediate - your service will be cancelled within 24 hours, and your files will be deleted.

Please note that no refunds are offered for cancellations, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by Wombat Servers PTY LTD.

If you have any questions or concerns while filing your cancellation request, please contact our Accounts & Billing Department.

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