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Updating Garry's Mod


When server updates are issued by Steam, servers are not automatically updated. You must login to the GamePanel in order to update your server.

  1. Login to the GamePanel, and navigate to your server's management page.
  2. Click the Steam Update icon. 
  3. You will now see a black screen, where you can monitor the progress of the update. Please allow 10 minutes for updates to complete.

If you have any issues updating your server, please contact us.

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    John Wratten

    i did this but it only shows

    Initializing Steam...
    Redirecting stderr to '/root/Steam/logs/stderr.txt'
    [ 0%] Checking for available updates...
    [----] Verifying installation...
    Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation
    -- type 'quit' to exit --
    Loading Steam API...OK.
    @ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1
    "@ShutdownOnFailedCommand" = "1"
    @NoPromptForPassword *****
    "@NoPromptForPassword *****
    login "**" "**"

    Connecting anonymously to Steam Public...Logged in OK
    Waiting for license info...OK
    force_install_dir ""
    app_update 740

    for 10mins then doesnt work