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Managing your server via RCON


RCON is a fantastic tool that you can use to manage your server. 

We recommend Procon, one of the many pieces of software available to help you manage your server.

  1. Download Procon by clicking "LATEST VERSION" on the Procon website.
  2. Install the software, and create a new connection.
  3. Refer to your welcome email for your login credentials- you must enter your server's IP, RCON port and RCON password. Leave the username field blank.

Once you have connected via RCON, you will be able to view the server's console, generate configuration files and install plugins.

If you have any issues connecting, please contact us at

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    Jim Park

    It would also be great if you could provide a procon server layer with access to host a database required for certain procon plugins to work i.e. Adkats and procon chat Guid, stats and map logger.Essential admin tools imo

  • Avatar
    Peter James

    Followed the instructions as per here and email confirmation. All i get is password is incorrect. Yes the information has been entered correctly.

  • Avatar
    Peter James

    Update - weird, Now i can connect to procon without a username or password.

  • Avatar
    Alex Faichney

    This doesn't work and when you try to contact the website they won't respond to you. Eight hours later still no response and no ability to configure my server.