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Defining a backup profile

  1. Login to the Vault by following this guide
  2. Click the "Add Server" icon in the top right hand corner of the portal.
  3. Complete the form as follows:
               Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
               Encryption: Use plan FTP
               Port: 8821
  4. In the Hostname box, enter your game server's IP address, without the port.
  5. In the Username and Password boxes, enter your GamePanel login information. 
  6. The image below is an example of this completed configuration page. Click the Next button. 
  7. Click Next. The Vault will attempt to verify your configuration settings. If the settings are incorrect, an error will be returned at the top of the screen. 
  8. On the backup schedule screen, configure settings as required. 
               Directories: this can be left as default. 
               Exclusions: if you would like to exclude non-essential files or directories            from the backup, enter their filenames or folder names here. 
               Retention: select the number of backups you would like to keep. Bear in            mind the amount of storage space purchased. 
               Frequency: select how regularly you would like automatic backups to be            taken. For entirely manual backups, select "on demand". 
               Start time: set the start time for your backups. We suggest choosing an            off-peak time, such as 2AM, to avoid network congestion.
               Timezone: select your timezone. By default, Melbourne is selected.
  9. Once happy with your profile, select Next. An example is included below:
  10. On the following screen, enter an arbitrary name for your backup profile and double check the rest of your settings. If you would like a backup to be started immediately, tick the checkbox. We suggest avoiding making backups during peak periods to avoid network congestion. Depending on the size of your files, your initial backup may take up to eight hours to complete. As a guide, every 1GB of data takes approximately 5-10 minutes to backup during the initial run.


Common issues & Errors

  • Connection Failed: Connect Rejected (or failed for some other reason)
    Check your FTP port is set to 8821, and your hostname is set to your server's IP address (without port).
  • Connection Failed: Login failure
    Check that your GamePanel login details have been correctly entered into the configuration screen. You can verify your GamePanel details by attempting to login at
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