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Connecting to your ARMA 3 Server

  1. Login to the GamePanel and navigate to your server's home page.
  2. In the key information block, copy your server's query IP address: 
  1. Now, right click on the Steam icon in your taskbar. On a Mac, right click on the Steam icon in your dock. Or, open Steam and click on the View menu in the top menu.
  2. Select "Servers" from the pop-up menu.
  3. Navigte to the "Favourites" tab in the Servers window.
  4. Click "Add a server" in the bottom right corner of the box.
  5. Paste your server's query IP address (found in Step 2) into the box and click "Find Games at this address".
  6. Then, click "Add selected game server to favourites" in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
  8. Select the server and click "Connect".
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