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Commandline Manager overview


The Commandline Manager is a great feature to easily setup your Ark game server. This guide provides a brief overview of common settings.

  • Description – This can be any name to describe the custom command. It is merely a label.
  • Admin/RCON Password – This is where you can assign an admin password that is used in-game to access the 'enablecheats' menu.
  • Battleye – Put a check mark if you want to enable Battleye's security features.
  • GameModIDs – This is where you add the Mod IDs for your game server.
  • Map – This is where you type in the map (e.g. TheIsland, TheCenter, ScorchedEarth_P)
  • Mod Map ID – This is where you type Mod Map ID you installed (e.g. Map Name: TheVolcano Map ID: 715028562)
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